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Knife Gate Valves


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  Series GSeries G PneumaticSeries G Large Diameter
Series DX
Slurry Knife Gate
Series G
Manual Knife Gate
Series G
Pneumatic Knife Gate
Series G
Large Diameter
FlexgateFlexgate Pneumatic
Manual Slurry Knife Gate
Pneumatic Slurry Knife Gate 

Red Valve knife gate valves are ideal for a variety of slurry handling applications. Red Valve is a leading manufacturer of valves for the power and mining industries. 

  • Series DX slurry knife gate valve features replaceable valve sleeves that are abrasion resistant and a design that allows for slurry discharge, resulting in a clear seat area and gate path. This unique knife gate valve design makes the Series DX perfect for your toughest slurry applications.
  • Series G manual knife gate valve can be fitted with  a variety of actuators, including standard handwheel, bevel gear, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, electric actuators and chainwheel actuators . Limit switch, solenoid valve and bonnet options are also available.
  • Series G pneumatic knife gate valve is actuated by electric or pneumatic systems to deliver optimum control. This compact valve is highly resistant to chemical and corrosive flow.
  • Large diameter Series G knife gate valve is a good choice for mining and power generation – it also makes an excellent valve for flood control and pumping stations.
  • Flexgate manual slurry knife gate valve is strongly suited for difficult abrasive slurry services in the chemical and power industries.  Add-ons to the valve package include electric and hydraulic actuators, limit switches, solenoids, air regulators and chainwheels.
  • Flexgate pneumatic knife gate valve is manufactured to handle tough slurry applications with a variety of synthetic elastomer valve sleeves available.

Slurry Handling

Red Valve's Knife Gate Valves are the perfect compliment to our broad range of slurry handling products.  All Red Valve knife gate valves are designed and engineered to a higher standard, to provide the best performance possible.  Standard features such as precision-machines gates, heavy-duty topworks and cast-iron bodies up to 24" make the valves rugged and dependable.  Other features such as replaceable wear seats, simplified packing replacement or solid stainless steel linings make the valves affordable and easy to maintain.

Red Valve offers two distinct knife gate styles to best match our customer's requirements of cost and performance.  The Series G is a traditional all-metal knife gate, featuring a metal or resilient seat.  Since all wetted parts are solid stainless steel, the Series G performs like an all-stainless valve at a fraction of the cost.  The Flexgate Slurry Knife Gate features two replaceable elastomer cartridge seats that acts as the sealing and wear surface of the valve.  Ideal for abrasive slurries, the seats can be easily replaced when worn.  The Flexgate creates a bi-directional seal and features an innovative inverted packing box design.

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